hopes and dreams

While I am on the subject of really good music and really good people, I should talk about Noi Sengsourigna, a singer/songwriter/amazing woman in Laos.

I met a lot of great people this summer. A lot. One of those people just happened to be Euay Noi. I was oblivious to the fact that she would have such an impact on me when I met her, in her cute chiffon sleeveless blue dress that night at Wattay International Airport in VTE. But I should have known how special she was when she was so concerned about us that not only did she want to feed us, but also wanted us in bed ASAP after dinner our first night in Laos.

She took us to a wonderful sukiyaki place and proceeded to cater to our every whim. All of us were trying out best to stay awake and grateful for her every gesture. Unfortunately, jetleg caught up to all of us but we were happy for full stomachs before bed.

Throughout the summer, I would go to her Children’s Music and Cultural Center and enjoy the wonderful children who attended every week.  The center is a non-profit organization, for underprivileged children, dedicated to cultural preservation of traditional music, dance, and customs. By improving the lives of the young through nurturing their artistic talents, the center hopes to inspire learning.

I grew to love all of them. Each with their own wonderful personality. The last day we visited was a hard day for me as I hugged and kissed the kids that were my living symbol of all my hopes and dreams for Laos.

For my birthday, not only was I allowed to spend the whole afternoon with the kids, but Euay Noi came out to my party to help me celebrate and we ended up at a karaoke bar for the night. That will always be such a special day for me. Not only were my friends surprised at my party to see her, but I was also blown away at what a great singer she was. It’s like when I’m at a Kina Grannis show and all I want to do is cry at how beautiful the sound is. It’s so pure and beautiful and for moments that night time stood still and I was really in that reality.

I love her music, but I love her as a person. Every time I was around her I feel like I do when I am around Kina. So happy. Euay Noi showed me what a great person looks like and I am happy and blessed to have been in her company.  I want to help her out because I know ultimately I would be helping out the wonderful children so much. They are too precious and beautiful to be forgotten.

I can’t talk about Euay Noi and not talk about the center. It is so much a part of her. Even though she signed CDs and posters for all of us as gifts, I couldn’t help but put the cost in the donation box because I knew all of it would go back to the kids. It has and it will.

If you love Lao music, you should check out her music. For $10 you can get any of her wonderful CDs. All the proceeds go to the preservation of Lao culture and support not only a great woman, but the children she loves.

The center, the kids, and Euay Noi make my heart so incredibly happy. If hopes and dreams were fulfilled with thoughts and missing, I’d have built her the dream center already. I miss them every day and I can’t wait to see them all again soon.


2 Responses to “hopes and dreams”

  1. 1 Nye November 22, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    It’s great that she is giving back to her community, and the children would definitely benefit from this. I posted about her song Dok Champa at my blog before, she has a beautiful voice.

    Did you get to take a picture of her while you were visiting?

    • 2 Sao Joy November 22, 2010 at 8:05 pm

      Dok Champa was one of the two songs I learned this summer along with Yen Sabai Sao Na. I think they’ll forever be my two favorite Lao songs. I won’t ever be able to listen to them without a smile on my face.

      Her Forever Laos album and her newest Special Collection album is so good. I know she was filming at a few on-locations this summer so I hope that means a new album is currently in the works for her. Her voice is just crazy live. It doesn’t hurt that she has such an awesome bubbly personality too. I loved my time with her. We did get a few pictures together. My favorite is one from our last visit to the center.

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